The project focuses on the study, experimentation and dissemination of good practices aimed at improving accessibility to non-institutional live performance venues for deaf people. The partners will cooperate in a four-steps strategy.



Each partner, working with stakeholders, the deaf community, cultural operators, technicians and deaf professionals, will collect information on needs and possible solutions. Partners will highlight problems faced by deaf people and possible solutions to be implemented in live venues.

The questionnaire
The main analysis tool, in addition to observation and dialogue with deaf communities, is the questionnaire made up of questions relating to the type of deafness, personal experience in clubs, what types of services would be useful to improve it and suggestions for future implementations.


Mock-ups. Artistic residency and live concert

A team of artists and a coach will participate in a five-day artistic residency, with the aim of setting up a performative show capable of involving both hearing and deaf audiences. The show will be represented in two live evenings at the VK in Brussels and at the MONK in Rome. The event will also make it possible to collect feedback from the public on the functioning of the implemented solutions and their experience of the show itself.



The partners evaluate the impact and feasibility of the implemented measures, establish a list of barriers that can be eliminated and suggest solutions to address live event problems. The list of Suggestions will be disseminated through a European network of clubs and live events. A follow-up of the dissemination objectives will show the analysis of the impact of the functioning of the practices implemented and their replicability in other spaces. The final evaluation of the project will allow for post-project dissemination in multiple locations and the possibility of addressing barriers and problems in the use of live shows, linked to other types of disabilities.


Creation of an accessibility network

AAA wants to be a starting point, a way to prove that it is possible to improve music spaces to make them truly accessible to everyone. Immediately after the first results of the study and after collecting feedback during the live events, the intent is to create a network of clubs and festivals to replicate the event model developed during AAA.

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